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API Access to Grimoire.org

TLDR: There's an API for grimoire.org data and it's documented at grimoire.org/api.

Grimoire.org is my pet project of a website about (mostly) early modern (mostly) European magic texts. The backend of the site is a graph database (Neo4j, specifically), plus a lot of hacky python that transforms the data into a website. There are over 4,000 pieces of linked data in the graph at the moment I write this, and I add more all the time.

And that data is accessible to anyone who wants it[1], via a new API. Right now it's pretty basic, and doesn't reflect even a fraction of the capacity of a graph database, but if you have a of query you wish you could make, and it's something I can do, just let me know.

I'm available via email or twitter. You are also welcome, even if you don't have any thoughts on this API, to send me photos of your cat.

Some example queries

Full documentation is available at grimoire.org/api, but here are a few examples that might be of interest, particularly given that NaNoGenMo is afoot.

A list of the grimoires in the database:

Descriptions of each of the 72 demons described in The Lesser Key of Solomon (1641):

The text of each of the 800+ spells in The Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus (1725):

As a final note, please respect the incredible hard work that went into transcribing these texts from their original manuscripts, translating them into English, and making them publicly available. Every node is tagged with attribution information where applicable, so always always always give credit where credit is due.

If you're interested in reading grimoires in full, I recommend Esoteric Archives and Sacred Texts as a good place to start.

[1]: You can also download the entire database and run it locally - it's all tracked in git, and available on GitHub.

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